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5th Supercomputer Summary

Nurion is a system consisting of compute nodes, CPU-only nodes, Omni-Path interconnect networks, Burst Buffer high-speed storage, Luster-based parallel file system, and water cooling device based on Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx). Nurion's compute nodes are 8,305 Intel Xeon Phi processors (named "Knight Landing") nodes and CPU-only nodes are 132 Intel Xeon processors (named "Skylake") nodes. Total theoretical performance is 25.7 petaflops, which was ranked 11th in the world in June 2018 (

Compute Node CPU-only Node
Model Cray CS500
Architecture Xeon Phi cluster CPU cluster
Processor Intel Xeon Phi 7250 1.4GHz Intel Xeon 6148 2.4GHz
Total nodes 8,305 132
CPU each node 1 2
Cores per CPU 68 20
Cores each node 564,740 5,280
Memory per core 1.4GB 2.4GB
Memory each node 96GB 192GB
Total memory 797.3TB 25.3TB
Compute power(peak) 25.3PF 0.4PF
Storage capacity 21PB
Interconnect OPA

Nurion features a theoretical performance of 25.7PFlops, 70 times better capacity than 4th supercomputer and manycore processor with high performance interconnects and storage to provide high quality service environments for data-intensive applications by introducing burst buffer storage as well as compute-intensive applications.

Burst Buffer

  • It acts as an I/O buffer by storing bursty I/O request traffic, which occurs instantly in the application program, between the application and the parallel file system through high-performance hardware and software
  • Recently, it is becoming more popular for large supercomputers to adopt burst buffers for high performance I/O layers using NVMe SSD.

5th Supercomputer Performance

스크롤 표시 이미지
Category Features # of nodes Score World Ranking
HPL Large-scale Dense Matrix Computation
Used for Top500
8,174(KNL) + 122(CPU-only) 13.93PF 11th
(Jun 2018)
HPCG Large-scale Sparse Matrix Computation
Similar to normal user applications
8,250(KNL) 0.39PF 8th
(Nov 2018)
IO500 Various IO Workloads 2,048(KNL) 160.67 2nd
(Nov 2018)
GRAPH500 BFS Breadth-First Search, Interconnect Performance 1,024(KNL) 1456.46GTEPS 9th
(Nov 2019)
SSSP Single Source Shortest Path 1,024(KNL) 337.239GTEPS 3rd
(Nov 2019)


Nurion system configuration and figures

슈퍼컴퓨터 5호기 구성도
  • Main system
    • 8,305 compute nodes
    • 132 CPU-only nodes
      (25.7PFlops total)
  • Storage
    • 12 racks(23.88PB total)
    • 3,200 8TB NL-SAS
    • 768 1.2TB SSDs
  • Tape Library
    • 4 racks(10PB total)
    • 1,700 LTO7 tapes
  • Infrastructure
    • Chiller 400RT 4EA
    • Free colling 250RT 2EA
    • Cooling tower 450RT 4EA
    • HVAC 30RT 11EA
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